Managing cannabis-based vaccination incentives

Get the poke, and take a toke.

The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board announced last week that retail cannabis licensed businesses hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics on site may offer customers joints for jabs. Effective through June 12, retailers can provide one complimentary prerolled joint per customer 21 and older receiving a first or second dose on site.

The statewide initiative joins other independent retailer promotions, including snax for vaxx at Arizona’s Mint Cannabis Dispensary and pot for shots at Michigan’s Greenhouse of Walled Lake.

Generating a catchy pun might be easy, but advertising and tracking the promotion can be overwhelming for retailers. On top of typical state compliance measures, dispensary owners are also navigating ever-changing restrictions as businesses reopen to the public. Point-of-sale programs like
GreenSling, however, can streamline this process for customers and employees.

Free trials are available for dispensaries wanting to keep their communities’ case rates low while inviting their customers to get high. Not only can retailers input and manage the promotion, but they can also rely on the software to track and maintain customer data to keep newly incentivized cannabis enthusiasts coming back again.

As the United States experiences a dramatic increase in public support for marijuana legalization, dispensaries are learning to adapt their roles to serve both the recreational and medical needs that have emerged through the pandemic crisis. Keeping up with the growing role of this niche market within changing local, national, and global contexts requires dependable and dynamic software.

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