4 Ways to Get Runners High

No, there is not a missing apostrophe in the title. This post is not about how to reach a state of euphoria through running, nor is it comparing the effects of natural vs. chemical highs

Instead, it’s about what happens when a runner’s high and a weed high are combined and how dispensaries can bring these benefits to their customers.

After a positive drug test result for marijuana disqualified Sha’Carri Richardson from the women’s 100-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics, then led to the U.S.A. Track and Field coaches’ decision to leave her off the 4×100-meter relay team as well, many of us asked…why?

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, marijuana is prohibited as a performance-enhancing drug. But, in what ways do cannabinoids actually affect running? And, for those of us non-Olympic athletes, how can we use marijuana to enhance our performance??

While peer-reviewed research on the drug and its fitness effects are limited, online accounts abound, with descriptors ranging from energizing and focusing to distracting and sedating. There are even ganja gyms opening up around the United States as legalization spreads.

You might not necessarily be ready to hook up a treadmill in the corner of your dispensary, so here are some simpler ways you can appeal to customers chasing after all kinds of highs:

1. Add product descriptions. Which extracts might offer laser focus for those last couple miles? Will any of your edibles make post-run stretching go deeper? Keep athletes in mind when building your menus and suggest specific pairings for certain strains and different workouts. CannaNiche offers vertically-integrated software that helps streamline relationships from growers to sellers, so you can reach out to your producers for authoritative input to share with prospective customers.

2. Encourage user reviews. Once you make the sale, invite that customer to come back to your site and leave a review detailing their experience working out with the product. Web menu customization options make it easy for users to share unique insights and specifics, such as how much they had or how long the high lasted, while also cultivating a sense of active community around your dispensary.

3. Start a stoner running club. Strengthen that community by bringing them physically together. Plenty of breweries already host weekly events for local runners to meet up, jog around, then settle in and imbibe, so why can’t a dispensary do something similar? Until the marijuana stigma lessens to the level of alcohol, restrictions on public weed consumption pose a slight limitation, but you can still use your platform as a dispensary to promote opportunities for recreation. Use your GreenSling in-store displays to invite and encourage customers to come together.

4. Get involved with local races. Does your town host an annual event, like a 10k or marathon? Strengthen your dispensary’
s reputation by serving as a sponsor. You might even consider creating a promotion loaded into your
Point-of-Sale interface and offer all race participants a deal on your products.

Your dispensary is dynamic, serving both medical and recreational purposes. Reaching across both by reaching out to runners is a great way to grow your brand and take it to higher places.

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