Managing Employees

Managing your employees effectively is crucial for the operations of your dispensary. Here you will learn how to add, edit, or delete employee information and set their permissions to control access within the CannaNiche system.

Note: Employees can log in via *privatedomain*/employee and will only have access to functions permitted to them.

Adding an Employee

Adding Employees

To add a new employee:

  1. Fill in the employee's name, email, username, and password for system access.
  2. Enter the Metrc License number and car information if applicable.
  3. Assign specific customers to the employee for sales reps.
  4. Set the appropriate permissions based on their role.
  5. Click "Save" to add the employee to your system.

Adding an Employee

Editing Employees

To edit an employee's details:

  1. Select the employee you wish to edit.
  2. This will take you directly to the employee.
  3. Make changes to the employee's information as needed.
  4. Click "Save" to update the employee's details.

Deleting Employees

To remove an employee:

  1. Select the employee you wish to delete.
  2. This will take you directly to the employee.
  3. Click the "Delete" button.
  4. Confirm the deletion in the confirmation dialog.

Deleting an Employee

Employee Permissions

Permissions dictate what sections of the system the employee can access:

  • "Admin" allows full system access.
  • "View/Edit Orders" enables processing orders.
  • "Waiting Room" allows the employee to manage customer check-ins and orders.
  • Other permissions control access to specific functions like inventory, web orders, and customer management.

Employee Permissions

Employee Menu