PoS/Order Management

This section serves as a comprehensive guide for managing sales and processing orders within the CannaNiche system.
From creating orders to fulfilling them, every aspect is covered to ensure a smooth operation.

Search Orders

search order

Steps for Searching Orders:

  1. Select the status of the order from the dropdown menu, with options such as Pending Fulfillment, Ready, Delivered, or Completed.
  2. Define the date range for when the order was created, which defaults to today's date.
  3. Click "Search Orders" to retrieve a list of orders that match your criteria. Select an order from the list to edit or delete it.

Create New Order

Steps for Creating a New Order:

  1. Go to "Orders" and click "+ Create New Order" at the top, or use the Employee Menu to navigate to "Point of Sale."
  2. From the Point of Sale, click "Start Order" for a customer in the waiting room or view/fulfill pending GreenSling Web Orders.

Using the PoS


Steps for Using the PoS:

  1. Scan packages at any time or enter them manually. Use the search function for an in-depth search.
  2. If a package wasn’t scanned/entered, assign it by clicking "assign package" and adjust quantities as needed.
  3. Print labels for individual products or all at once, and delete products from the order as necessary.
  4. Select a customer or add a new one, then proceed with the order. Enter the amount paid and click "complete order."
  5. After completing the order, you will have the option to print labels, print a receipt, or email a receipt.

Edit/Fulfilling Orders

Steps for Editing/Fulfilling Orders:

  1. Select an order from the Search Orders screen or from pending orders in the Employee Menu.

Delete Order

Steps for Deleting Orders:

  1. Select the order and click the red trash icon button at the top right; you will be prompted to confirm deletion.

Pause Order

Steps for Pausing Orders:

  1. Select the order and click the orange pause icon button at the top right; order will become paused.

Cancel Order

Steps for Cancelling Orders:

  1. Select the order and click the red "X" icon button at the top right; order will become cancelled.

Export CSV

Steps for Exporting Sales Data:

  1. Set your search criteria and click the "Export .csv" button to download your sales data.


PoS Equipment

Integrate barcode scanners, printers, and other PoS hardware with the CannaNiche system, with options for custom integration for specific equipment.