Promotion Management

Implementing promotions is crucial for marketing and sales enhancement.
This section guides you through the setup of promotional discounts which can be automatically applied at the POS or displayed as discount badges on the GreenSling web menu.

Managing Promotions

Set up promotions easily to apply discounts across categories or specific products, and manage coupon code functionalities.

Note: If at any point you make a mistake or wish to revert changes before saving, simply click the red "Cancel" button to reset the categories to their last saved state.

Steps for Creating or editing and Managing Promotions:

  1. Click "+ Add New Promotion" or select a promotion and select "Edit"
  2. Enter the 'Promotion Name' to identify the promotion within the system.
  3. Set the 'Active Date Range' for when the promotion will be effective.
  4. Specify the 'Active Days of the Week' to determine on which days the promotion will apply.
  5. Choose the 'Type of Promotion' to decide if the discount should automatically apply to all orders or if it should require a coupon code.
  6. If you select 'Coupon Code', you have the option to allow multiple coupon codes.
  7. Under 'Select Discount', decide if the discount is a dollar amount off the entire order, specific items, a percentage off specific items, or if it will override the price with a new amount.
  8. In the 'Purchase Requirements' section, specify if the promotion has no requirements, is tied to certain categories, or requires specific products to be purchased.
  9. If you require specific products, choose whether any or each selected product is required for the promotion to apply.
  10. Once all information is inputted, click 'Save' to implement the promotion or 'Cancel' to discard changes.

Deleting Promotions

To remove a Promotion:

  1. Select the Promotion you wish to delete.
  2. Click the "Delete" button and confirm in the subsequent dialog.

Promotions Management Interface

Figure: The 'Promotions' interface for setting up new promotions, with options for promotion name, active date range, type of promotion, discounts, and purchase requirements.