State Integration Settings

Integrate your CannaNiche system with state regulatory systems like Metrc to ensure compliance and streamline reporting.

State Integration Settings Interface

Figure: The 'State Integration Settings' interface detailing the Metrc API key and License number fields, with options for data import settings and syncing.

State Integration Settings

Configure your connection to Metrc for seamless data synchronization and compliance with state regulations.

Integration Fields and Descriptions:

  • Metrc API Key: This key is provided by Metrc and is unique to your account. It is used to authenticate your integration with the Metrc system.
  • Metrc License #: Your specific license number assigned by Metrc, required for ensuring the correct account and facility are being managed.
  • Connect to Metrc: Initiates the integration process. Once clicked, your CannaNiche system will begin syncing data with Metrc periodically throughout the day.

Note: Connecting to Metrc may take several minutes. You will be notified once the connection is established.

Import and Other Settings:

  • Import from Metrc: Select which types of data (e.g., Products, Strains, Rooms) you wish to import into your CannaNiche system.
  • Active Inventory: Choose to sync your active inventory with Metrc for up-to-date tracking and reporting.
  • Other Settings: Options for adding or updating items in Metrc and creating packages within Metrc with valid tag numbers.